Monday, 12 October 2009

Not-so-strictly ballroom

During the (failed) fundraising rounds, I found myself pitching Cowboys to a powerful, wealthy woman from the Philippines.

"Do you know this happens in Singapore too?" She asked me.

I felt encouraged. She likes the idea, she sees an audience for it, she's going to give me money! "I've heard stuff. But I think they prefer Koh Phi Phi to Bali."

"No, no. Here. In Singapore. Rich women have boy-toys."

Well of course they do. But technically it isn't sex tourism. And it's got nothing to do with the Kuta Cowboys.

"They go ballroom dancing," she continued.


Apparently, a common modus operandi for women-of-means is to sign up for ballroom dance lessons. Classes are held at prestigious five-star hotels, and the individual instructors are usually young, boyish Filipino men. And yes, the appeal of the lesson is what the instructors do for after class for extra credit.

"So do you want to do this together?" She asked.

"The film? Sure."

"Not the film. Films don't make money! You organize private events for me in Singapore, and I'll give you a list of successful women to invite. I'll supply the freshest, best-looking Filipino boys from Manila."

True story.


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