Sunday, 11 October 2009

Sex Tourism vs. Romance Holidays

Men travel for sex, and women for romance. Or so the argument goes.

My take? Sex workers don't give a fuck. (I snuck this line in the film. Hats off to anyone who spots it!) Sure, they'd love for romance to bloom, but that's just good for business.

I find it odd that the sex-romance distinction is often made by women writers and travelers. It comes off as some kind of justification, or worse, and apology. Fact is, many women today travel with the intention of having cheap, easily-(for)gotten, limited-time only, unadulterated nookie. Their mate selection process may be more detailed than men's, but those are just varying means to the same pre-meditated end.

Good for them, if that's what they seek. Let's not burden them with the need to justify their actions as a search for romantic or emotional fulfillment. Women have as much a right to travel for sex as men do.


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