Thursday, 29 October 2009

Film buffs' guesthouse in Seoul

Olive helped me order some grub at an all-Korean-speaking cafe. I invited her to my screening (she even brought a friend!), and she invited me to visit her guesthouse in Seoul (I even dragged a friend!).

The Bebop Guesthouse should be every budget traveller's home in Seoul. I couldn't make it mine 'cos a friend had checked me in elsewhere, but I spent an evening there feasting with the owners, MK, Jin and Olive. Avid travellers and hardcore film buffs, they've decked the walls with posters of good films and named their rooms after jazz greats.

MK and Jin are about to begin shooting their respective first films. Good luck, guys!

(Evening's highlight: Olive explaining the attraction of Aussie surfers.)


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