Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Paju Bookcity

Got into Paju Bookcity earier this afternoon. DMZ Docs doesn't begin till tomorrow, so I walked around for a few hours taking it all in.

PB is... is... oh I dunno. It’s manufactured, yes. No two buildings are alike, yet each is a variation of the same hymn to industrial design, exposed beams and asymmetry. But the net result is a beautiful, modern suburb that houses much of Korea’s publishing community. (Championing print in the age of Kindle? Even the intention is commendable, specially since South Korea is on the net-tech cutting edge.)

The hotel where we’re being hosted equips its rooms with every modern amenity but TVs. In Bookcity, they’d rather you spent time hiking or contemplating. Or reading a book, if you get their drift. But for a few days from tomorrow, they’ll understand if you want to catch a film.


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