Friday, 2 April 2010

Coming soon to an iPad near you

ABC and CBS are going to stream shows on it for free. How long before other broadcasters cave in?

Now Netflix has announced a streaming app for the iPad. Don't think people will watch feature films on a little screen? I wouldn't bet against the guys who unleashed an entire tech ecosystem that made my CD player obsolete.

Apple doesn't introduce new ways of doing things. It legitimises them. What others propose as a possibility, what early adopters (nerds) revel in as proof of them knowing better, Apple makes standard. By the time I hopped on the iPod train, Tower Records should have voluntarily closed shop.

Cinemas aren't going to disappear. Some films must be appreciated on the big screen. But hey, filmmakers! Most of us don't make those films. Much as I've loved seeing Cowboys in Paradise in a cinema, its value didn't diminish when others watched it on their laptops. And that's likely to be true for your film too. Question is, are you going to embrace technology's gift to find your audience?

Aside: I don't like Avatar for Avatar. But I instantly recognised it as the iPod of 3D films. It's the one that finally made over-priced tickets and those silly glasses legitimate.


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