Sunday, 18 April 2010

More terms of endearment

Rediscovered this old article in my research stack. Makes for a nice follow up to an earlier post.

Female sex tourists, as it turns out, have earned many colourful monikers too. Abridged from the article:
In Bermuda, they're "longtails" or "yellowtails."

In Jamaica... "Milk bottles" if they're white, newly arrived and, to put it crudely, "in need of filling"... If they're black, the women are called Stellas.

In Barbados, female sex tourism has been dubbed "Canadian secretary syndrome."

In Martinique, locals refer to incoming flights of Air Canada as "Air Coucoune" -- French for "Air Pussy."

I can't think of any outlandish term the Kuta Cowboys use to refer to female tourists. Nothing that comes close to the above on the I'm-ashamed-to-be-laughing-at-this scale anyway. But they do have their own name for Qantas. I won't repeat it here, but the etymology follows the same logic as that for Air Canada above.


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