Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Two million new cinemas (and counting)

The Lazarus Effect, a new documentary produced by Spike Jonze, follows four people whose lives were saved by antiretroviral drugs. The 30-min film aired on HBO and Channel 4 (UK), and is now available for viewing on YouTube.

Facebook and Twitter are being harnessed to drive publicity for the film. I know, surprise surprise. But this next bit, while not a first, is worthy of note. Via Mashable:

"In addition to being available on YouTube, (RED) will release a free iPad app... in conjunction with the film. The app will contain the full-length film, as well as additional information about how antiretroviral drugs work and photos of the transformative effect that ARVs have had in Africa. The app will also include ways for users to take action by joining (RED) or lobbying governments."

Video content on a small personal screen? Not new. But the screens have gotten bigger (compared to mobile phones) while still managing to remain personal.

Now consider: Apple sold 2 million iPads in the first two months since its launch. That's just in the US alone. Combine that with what others in the product category are moving and you've got a whole lot of personal cinemas out there. That we're going to consume more content off these devices is a no-brainer. Whether we can refrain from touching the screens with our popcorn-butter-fingers remains to be seen.


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