Saturday, 7 August 2010

"Cowboys" at ACMI

The second of our two MIFF screenings was on August 2nd, at ACMI 2. I was there to present the film and do the Q&A shuffle after.

Several Melburnians had told me they’d skipped the first screening to see the film at their preferred venue. And who can blame them. The ACMI cinemas are worthy of their reputation. Great projection, awesome sound, and a overall vibe that feeds off the complex's tribute-to-cinema air. (You just have to block out the existence of ABBA World though.)

The screening itself went really well. Great turnout, specially for a Monday afternoon. Richard Moore, Executive Director of MIFF, introduced the film. And we had a good Q&A session after.

High points: Meeting Bali-Aussie couples who enjoyed the film and thought it was fair. Among them was a "member of the Ubud Royal Family" who said it took him back to his youth. Also, hearing from a woman whose father "was one of the first Cowboys in Bali."

Low point: Me joking about how I looked as good as fellow festival guest, Adrian Greenier. The audience laughed, which means they didn't buy it.


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