Monday, 9 August 2010

Dante over Coppola

Joe Dante is a nice guy.

I sat next to him during one of the MIFF Guest Dinners. Didn't get past the cursory 'hello', but it's not because he's unapproachable. We were just part of different conversation streams throughout.

Yet I figured I'd eventually find an appropriate opening to strike up a chat. Like if he'd start talking about the creature effects in Gremlins, I'd jump in with "Did you learn that from your time working for Roger Corman?" That kind of embarrassing, fanboy stuff.

But the opportunity never came. Worse, I was due to see Coppola's Tetro that evening but I skipped it because it would have been rude to leave dinner before Dante and my MIFF hosts. So that's two Corman alumni I couldn't learn anything from in one evening.

Still, I maintain, Joe Dante's a nice guy.


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