Monday, 14 March 2011

"Cowboys" spurs debate, angers some Swedish men

The abridged TV cut of "Cowboys in Paradise" -- re-titled "Women Who Buy Love" -- aired on Sweden's SVT channel recently.

If comments posted on Genus Nytt (in Swedish) are anything to go by, some men are peeved by how the film, and society at large, regard female sex tourists differently from their male counterparts. It's a familiar argument: "When women do it, they're looking for romance, just being strong and empowered...", etc.

I won't speak for society, but the film didn't regard male sex tourists differently. In fact it didn't regard them AT ALL. The film's about the Cowboys and the women who seek their companionship (for varying reasons). Theirs were the only stories/views I was interested to know and share.

Here are some of the comments (with much help from Google Translate):
"Hardly surprising that Swedish Television defends advertising and promotion of women buying sex in the third world, while men in Sweden are sentenced to harsh prison terms for the same conduct. Not for nothing that Sweden is internationally known as feminism Saudi Arabia."

"This made ​​me really angry. Had the program been produced in the same way, and instead focused on men, it would have caused chaos in the media of Sweden... But now it's women. Women can. Women who do so are strong women, who want a little romance, and cozy on vacation. Damn."

"We're talking about ​​equality in reporting that both men and women can go abroad to buy sex. But one is called 'for romance' and the other prostitution...
It is ok to seek happiness where you can find it. But why demonize one sex for the very same thing?"

"I advise all men who want to buy sex to go to Denmark or Thailand, where you can get what you can't in Sweden. What is strange about two adults who have sex? What is strange about two adults who have sex where one pays?... All relationships or marriage symbolize a transaction that opens up the word "love". All women are whores and all men are johns how we look at it. Sorry to others living in your Disney Worlds for revealing what and who you are."


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