Monday, 4 April 2011

No condoms for the enlightened

Still from "Cowboys in Paradise".

Beth A. caught "Cowboys" and wrote in to say:
"... horrified by the scene where the man says some yoga practitioners tell him not to use condoms cos his energy is clean. WTF! Really hope you told him about the risks of sexually transmitted diseases."
Wasn't my place to mount the soapbox. It's clear from that scene that most Cowboys know the risks. He certainly did, but he goes on to tell us why he doesn't get tested!

Credit where it's due: Bali authorities and AusAID are doing a fair bit to raise HIV/STD awareness. But given the power dynamic in these relationships, I think the fight is most effective when the tourists take the lead and insist on playing safe. No Cowboy would refuse to wear a condom if his lover insisted he did.

Meanwhile, to the women he referred to, I say thanks a fat bunch for desecrating yoga with your stupidity.


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