Sunday, 18 July 2010

"Manufacturing Consent"

A classic doc on thought control in a democratic society, from the point of view of Noam Chomsky, "arguably the most important intellectual alive." (5:05 for what he has to say about his supposed big-brain status.)

Cookie from the memory jar: I interviewed co-director Mark Achbar back when the film came out. I'm sure he impressed all sorts of thought-provoking ideas upon my impressionable, collegiate mind, but what I remember most is the trouble he got in over Bart Simpson. With Matt Groening's permission, the filmmakers had listed Bart in the film's companion book as one of twelve most important minds alive today. Sadly, Fox didn't take too kindly to the honour being bestowed upon their most famous underachiever.

Do Chomsky's ideas hold up in the age of blogs and YouTube? Watch the full film below or, better yet, buy the DVD.


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