Friday, 23 July 2010

To each her Om

An article in explores the tourism boom in Bali fueled by Eat, Pray, Love. Arrivals between January and March this year stood at 551,886, more than double from the same period in 2006.

The new tide of tourists include those from a "life changing luxury travel" group who, between meditation sessions and cleansing dips in a community pool, read select passages from EPL on their iPads. ("It really did feel like Liz was helping us experience some of the same spiritual growth she did.")

And the ones who flock to Ketut, the palm reader/seer who gave Gilbert a glimpse into her future and, some argue, a reason to base EPL's third act in Bali. Today, for $25 each, Ketut gives just about everyone the reassurance that they'll live to be 110.

Officials confirm "the island has been repopulated by tourists looking to develop their spirituality." Which, it appears, is another way of saying 'tourists retracing Gilbert's path.'

(Link alert from @ryanvb, via @emmajwestwood)


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