Sunday, 8 April 2012

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@adelinekoh's been up to all kinds of good lately, employing Twitter as an engagement tool in her Cultural Studies and Feminist Theory courses. (I introduced Adeline in the previous post. She's an Asst. Professor of Literature up at Richard Stockton College, NJ.)

A recent assignment in her Seminar in Feminist Theory course required students to live-tweet while watching Eat, Pray, Love and Cowboys in Paradise. Translation? Use your phone during the movie, kids! All cool, long as you talk about second-wave US feminism and minority/international feminism. (More on her assignment here. Meanwhile, Cowboys in Paradise academic DVDs are still available.)

I joined the conversation too, hoping my involvement would earn me the minimum wage-equivalent of 10 cents for every #femtheory- and/or #cowboysinparadise-laden tweet. No dice. But I had a blast. And for all the #femtheory students thanking me profusely since, a 'lil secret: creators like speaking to an engaged audience about their work. So thank you.

A highlight for Adeline: when student @taraeckel commented "I love that even though Virmani says he doesn't think Cowboys in Paradise is an academic film, [sic] the issues are there. Shows how important these issues are in the world, and not just in textbooks."

Highlight for me? This warning from @AvaSTK523: "May or may not throw up. Most likely WILL. Finishing touches on @AmitVirmani essay..." (She has since said it had nothing to do with me, but with her deadline-related nervousness, thus taking away everything that was cool about her tweet.)

Special thanks to @JamesPomar for archiving the highlights from one of the live-tweet sessions.

'Borrowed' top pic from and this interesting post on Twitter and the College Classroom.


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