Friday, 6 April 2012

We have a trilogy

A new film competing at Cannes this year explores the phenomenon of European female sex tourists in Kenya. It's supposedly the first in a planned trilogy, but I'm going ahead and claiming it as Cowboys in Paradise, Part III.

Sure, it's not a documentary. And it's set in Kenya, which is not, like, a part of Indonesia or anything. But the film's called Paradise: Love. Close enough.

Then there's this still from the film. Different, but familiar enough to evoke memories of the original (see masthead above), damn thing screams sequel art-by-numbers. .

Mostly, I'm claiming the film as part of our franchise because it features graphic scenes and lots of nudity. That's what some said about Cowboys (before actually watching the film), and now they can have their closure.

Others had dismissed it as outright pornography, which brings us to the second installment in our franchise. You might know it as Koreana, the video of a white dude having sex with an Indonesian woman in a hotel room in Bali. The clip surfaced on the net around the same time as our trailer went viral, leading some in Indonesian media to call it Cowboys in Paradise, Part II. Naturally.


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